This site is about short micro-posts about the things I like and things I do. It’s not that I don’t want to bore you, it’s just that I’m too lazy tow rite long posts. I’ll bore you anyways ;-)

I am a front-end developer based in Cardedeu.

I use SCSS, JS, HTML5 to bring designs to real websites. As 99% of front-end developers my current workflow involves JS Frameworks, Responsive web design, cross-browsing checks, task-runners, Gulp, Grunt, Git, Node, etc… you probably know what is all of this about.

Fighting everyday to learn new things, be more productive and collaborate with my awesome teammates to deliver brilliant stuff.

Currently working at Hanzo.

I also play slide guitar.

Currently learning lap guitar with slack key tuning which I’m also applying to ukelele. I enjoy open tunings, that’s why I decided to get rid of standard tunings on my guitar and started to get deep into bottleneck, lap steel and weissenborn guitars.

My particular heroes are David Lindley, Ry Cooder and Luther Dickinson.