Things I like and things I do



It’s been almost twenty years since I saw that Mother Earth’s video. I saw it only once, in a catalan tv show called Sputnik. Loved it and I write the name of the band down in a piece of paper. That TV show was asome to discover new music which wasn’t mainstream. The problem was to get a CD from most of the artist. Moreover if you lived in a little town.

One day I was just looking in a local record store and found “The desired effect”. Couldn’t believe it! It was a live CD from Mother Earth! The following years I started to buy their CDs online. When they split, I keep on searching for news. There were some reunion gigs I obviously would have loved to attend, a rare recordings and b-sides CD I also bought, not many videos… I used to google for all of them at least once a year.

I bought all Matt Deighton’s solo albums which are also fantastic. I must admit I would have liked to write the kind of songs he does, every aspect of his music electric or acoustic is a source of inspiration.

Well, I said I discovered them twenty years ago and it wasn’t easy to get their recordings. Now everything is different, I currently have no CD player and all the music I listen to is from paid streaming services. I didn’t need to buy Matt’s latest electric project, “The family silver” (which is awesome!) it took me seconds to search for it on Google Play Music and click play.

Internet is also shortening distances in terms of comunication. The proof is that a few days ago I just needed to ask Matt Deighton on Twitter if he had a copy of the “Freethinker” video. A couple of days after, he uploaded it to YouTube… twenty years after I could watch it for the second time in my life.

This is awesome. Thanks Matt, Neil, Bryn and Chris for your music.

Got soul


Robert Randolph & The Family Band’s fifth studio album gets deep into joyful soul and funk (even gospel) music bringing the power of his unique Pedal Steel style one step forward.

You just need to listen to the single “Love do What it Do” or the Sam & Dave’s “I thank you” cover to get the real intention and feel of that album.

If you think Pedal Steel is only for country, Robert Randolph is here to tell you that you’re wrong.

The Family Silver


A new band with a classic sound, release their debut album on 6th November on Privilege Records (distributed worldwide by Republic of Music). Founded by three of the UK’s most influential and highly respected musicians, The Family Silver comprises Matt Deighton (Mother Earth, Paul Weller, Oasis and Bill Fay) on guitar and vocals, bassist Damon Minchella (Ocean Colour Scene, Richard Ashcroft, The Who) and master drummer Steve White (Style council, Paul Weller, Ian Dury and Jon Lord). ‘Electric Blend’ features 12 superbly crafted original songs delivered with the entire musical prowess you’d expect from three musicians who have made a significant contribution to British popular music over the past 30 years.